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Jackie Kellso, President of PointMaker Communications, Inc., is the “Retrain Your Brain” expert. Applying neuroscience to her coaching and training, Jackie helps her clients challenge their old beliefs, out-dated habits and antiquated ways of thinking and communicating. The way we think, how we interact with others, communicate who we are, how we manage conflict, present our ideas, and take risks — all begin with our brain’s wiring. Jackie’s methodology includes improved communication and interpersonal techniques that mirror a strong self-image and yield successful outcomes. This work is a challenging journey of inner development and outer mastery for ambitious professionals.

Her clients’ elevated ability to lead can be applied when they are presenting, speaking publicly, holding difficult conversations, being assertive, resolving conflict, motivating and inspiring others, communicating strategically and leading confidently.

Jackie’s tenure as a coach, course/curriculum developer and trainer, has earned her the stripe as a Master Trainer for various clients, facilitating ‘train-the-trainer’ programs which help facilitators, instructors and educators develop their curricula and facilitation skills.

Jackie applies her twenty-three years of sales and sales management experience for high-profile media companies (such as The New Yorker, New York Magazine, A&E Network, Viacom, iVillage and Hearst Magazines) to provide executives with an arsenal of tools, techniques and insights that give them the confidence and personal power to face ever-increasing competition and responsibility. In 2005, Jackie left media sales to pursue personal and professional development full-time.

Before making a formal career transition, Jackie began her schooling in 2003 by becoming a certified Dale Carnegie trainer. The school’s philosophy is that good leadership is founded upon the strength of one’s communication and human relations skills. Jackie was trained, certified and hired by Dale Carnegie Training in a freelance capacity through 2016. Jackie trained a wide range of their programs, with specialties in How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact, and High-Impact Presentations.

Jackie launched PointMaker Communications, Inc in 2008 as she built her own clientele and created a unique platform for helping her clients achieve their goals.

In 2011, to add to her accreditations, and to study the workings of the brain, Jackie became a Certified Coach through NeuroLeadership Institute‘s Intensive Coach Training program. The NeuroLeadership Institute is an ICF accredited school for coach training. It is a global human performance company which uses neuroscience-based coaching to help leaders improve their thinking and overall effectiveness.

In 2017, Jackie became a Professional Speaker with Vistage; a global organization which helps CEOs cultivate executive leadership via Peer Advisory Groups.  Jackie is currently delivering one of her key programs to Vistage members called, “Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact Under Pressure.”

Jackie has also joined Sayge, as a Coach. Sayge offers a revolutionary way to serve aspiring managers whose goals include driving career paths forward, while navigating the challenges of corporate culture.

In January 2018, Jackie was honored to add Adjunct Professor to her many roles, designing and delivering curricula for City College of New York’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  Please visit pointmakercommunications.wordpress.com/workshops-events-seminars-nyc for upcoming courses.

Also in January 2018, Jackie joined Blessing White, as an executive coach and training facilitator.  Blessing White, a division of GP Strategies, is a global consulting firm dedicated to senior leadership, career development and employee engagement.  Jackie has been certified as a Master Trainer for their program entitled, Your Career, training facilitators to earn their certification to deliver the program.

Incorporating her coaching and training expertise and her years in business, Jackie’s mission is to help people shine their uniquely authentic selves with others; to gain the confidence to connect and lead; to become influential role-models who have the ability to make positive impact on the world.


In May, 2017, Jackie was a guest speaker on The Rob and Cali Show podcast, starring Rob Kaye and Cali Alpert.  The interview covered such topics as anger management in the workplace, dealing with bullies, coping with the fear or public speaking and managing Millennials.  http://talkradio.nyc/20170509-bring-voice-work-jackie-kellso/

In April, 2017, Jackie was interviewed on The Conscious Consultant Hour, hosted by Sam Liebowitz, about the workings of the brain and how it affects our thinking, emotions, decisions and communications.  http://talkradio.nyc/20170420-retrain-your-brain-with-coach-jackie-kellso/

In March, 2017, Jackie was acknowledged, in a John Wiley & Sons article, for instructing a male student learning presentation skills, not to address his male/female audience as “you guys.” This hot topic article about Women’s Equality was written by Adjunct Professor at New York University and Course Associate at Colombia University, Diane Rubino: I’m Not Your Guy, Dude: Why Language Really Does Matter.

In August, 2016, Jackie was quoted in an article entitled,
“5 Ways to Tell the Absolute Truth at Work, Even When it’s Awkward.”  (Check out Point #2!) http://www.moneytalksnews.com/5-ways-tell-the-absolute-truth-work-even-when-its-awkward/

In June, 2016, Jackie was interviewed on blogtalkradio.com for Coach Chat, hosted by Laurie Lawson and Bernie Siegel, both of whom are well-regarded ICF accredited coaches. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/coachchat/2016/06/16/coach-chat-with-jackie-kellso

In February, 2016 Jackie was quoted in an article in US News and World Report on how to survive working for a toxic boss. http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/articles/2016-02-22/heres-how-to-survive-working-for-a-toxic-boss

In January, 2016 one of Jackie’s marketing strategies was mentioned in an Inc.com article entitled, “12 Linked In Tips, Some of which are Fairly Savvy.”  http://www.inc.com/brian-oconnor/12-linkedin-tips-some-of-which-are-fairly-savvy.html

In February, 2016 Jackie was included in an article on Levo.com called, “5 Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation.”  https://www.levo.com/articles/career-advice/5-tips-for-writing-a-letter-of-recommendation

In September, 2015, Jackie was interviewed on Business Innovators Radio to discuss the value of Jackie’s coaching and training methods, and the impact it can have on cultivating leadership. The interview is hosted by best-selling author, Stewart Andrew Alexander for Business Innovators Magazine.  The interview, titled LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, can be heard by clicking on You Tube and iTunes.

In April, 2015, Jackie was a guest on Laurie Lawson’s cable and web show, “The Coaching Game,” which aired on local NYC cable station, MNN, on July 7, 2015.  The interview is also on YouTube.  During the program, Jackie discusses key skills for communicating effectively, and getting along well with others.

In April 2015, Jackie’s article, “Midlife Versus Gen X:  At Work” was published by Betterafter50.com. In it, Jackie tells of learning and growing as a 50-something while working to communicate effectively with 30-somethings. In March 2015, Jackie was interviewed by Katie Krimitsos, President of the popular web-based talk show, Biz Women Rock.  Katie is on a mission to help women who are emerging into leadership and entrepreneurship, to learn all about the options available to them, as told through the experiences of other successful women. Tune in to the Podcast at http://bizwomenrock.com/149/.

In Summer, 2014, Jackie was profiled in The Story Exchange – a website devoted to telling the stories of business women owners in order to inspire women to launch their careers with confidence and personal power.  http://thestoryexchange.org/jackie-kellso/.  In addition, Jackie’s blog was flagged by Docurated, in a September 2014 article entitled, “Top 50 Must-Read Blogs for Consultative Selling.”  PointMaker Communications is mentioned as “Must-read #10.”  http://www.docurated.com/all-things-productivity/top-50-must-read-blogs-consultative-selling/.

In early 2014, “Why you Need to Understand Emotions to Avoid Arguments,” was written by Jackie for Womenworking.com Jackie was also mentioned in a Fall, 2013 article entitled, “Smiling is the Secret Weapon,”  written by Cathy Graham, President of Cathy Graham Coaching. The article is about the value of a simple facial expression and how it can have a huge influence on an audience.

Human Resources/NY (part of SHRM) published an article of Jackie’s in their April 2012 newsletter entitled, “Workplace Bullying:  What It is, What is Behind it and How to Stop it,” based in Jackie’s study on the prevention of bullying from the corporation’s standpoint.  http://www.hrny.org/newsletters/April2012.pdf

Crain’s New York Business quoted Jackie in an article entitled, “How to:  Trade Show Tips,” for small business owners. Having read Jackie’s article, “9 Egregious Communication Errors of Trade Show Exhibitors,” (posted on this site on November 9, 2009) the editor of the Crain’s article requested more information and wrote the following.  Here’s a link to the Crain’s article:



Since 2003, Jackie has been an active professional development trainer and coach.  You can view her full online resume on Linked In:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/jackiekellso and view recent assignments and coaching/training experience and certifications below:

  • “How to Educate, Engage and Entertain your Audiences,” Strategic Group, New York, NY
  • “Advanced Sales Skills,” Strategic Group, New York, NY
  • Lead My Team, Leadership training course designed by Cegos, in partnership with Blessing White and GP Strategies, Hamilton NJ
  • Your Career, Train-the Trainer program, Blessing White (a Division of GP Strategies) Hamilton, NJ
  • “Diversity and Inclusion Hot Topics:  Tough Issues in the Workplace,” Society of Human Resources Management, New York, NY
  • “How to Master the Delivery of Complex Content,” Train-the-trainer program, DevaCurl, New York, NY
  • “Coaching Teams for High Performance,” IT By Design, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact Under Pressure,” Vistage Peer Group, New York, NY
  • “Effective Networking and Business Pitching Techniques,” Chandler Chicco Agency, New York, NY
  • “Perfect Your Pitch,”  Thrive Professional Women’s Group, New York, NY
  • “Managing Millennials:  Minimizing Generational Conflict, Maximizing Long Term Success,”Center for Competitive Management Audio Conference, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Retrain Your Brain So You Can Get Unstuck and Move Forward, ” Women’s President’s Organization, (Chapters I and IV) and Thrive Professional Women’s Group, New York, NY
  • “Secrets of Strategic Influence:  Smart Women’s Guide to Mastering Persuasion and Influential Communication,” Center for Competitive Management, Audio Conference, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Communicating Our Mission with Clarity, Purpose and Passion,” DevaCurl Field Training, New York, NY
  • “How to Manage a Case while Dealing Effectively with Difficult People,” New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, CLE Seminar, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • “Effective Leadership: Enriching Lives within the Queens Community,” Dale Carnegie Training Seminar for Queens Community House, Queens, NY
  • “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Improved Performance,” Center for Competitive Management, Audio Conference, Jersey City, NJ
  • How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact, Dale Carnegie Training, New York, NY
  • High-Impact Presentations, Dale Carnegie Training, New York, NY
  • “New Supervisor Success: Keys to Transitioning from All-Star Player to Hall of Fame Coach” Audio Conference, Center for Competitive Management, Jersey City, NJ
  • Skills for Success:  The Dale Carnegie Course, Dale Carnegie Training, New York, NY
  • “Incivility at Work: Essential Strategies for Squashing Rude Behavior and Creating a More Positive, Productive Workplace,” Audio Conference, Center for Competitive Management, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Delivering Effective Feedback: Tips, Techniques and Best Practice Strategies to Communicate More Effectively,” Audio Conference, Center for Competitive Management, Jersey City, NJ
  • Successful Public Speaking, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • “Speak Up and Be Heard” Assertiveness Workshop, Microsoft’s Women’s Day Conference, New York, NY
  • How to Deal with Difficult People and Resolve Conflict, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • “From Handshakes to Small Talk” Networking Workshop, Pace University, New York, NY
  • Media Training and Public Speaking Seminar, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • Sales Success Course, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • “Managing Difficult People and Situations,” Pace University, New York, NY
  • “Impossible Employees:  Skills for Managing and Motivating the Most Difficult People at Work”  Audio Conference, Center for Competitive Management, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Becoming a Skilled Networker,” Pace University (alumni), New York, NY
  • Advanced Dale Carnegie Course, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • Creating an Executive Image, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • Confident, Assertive and In-Charge, The Attitudes of Leadership, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • “Assertive Communication Skills for Management Success” Audio Conference, Center for Competitive Management, Jersey City, NJ
  • “Speak Up and Be Heard!” Assertiveness Workshop, Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals, New York, NY
  • “Communication and Interpersonal Effectiveness,” Seedco/NYC Business Solutions, New York, NY
  • Presentations Training Workshop, Pace University (employees), New York, NY
  • “Speak Up and Be Heard!” Assertiveness Workshop, JCC of Manhattan, New York, NY
  • Business Networking and Pitching, New York Restoration Project, New York, NY
  • “From Strangers to Allies in Just Three Minutes!” Business Networking Seminar, Association of Fundraising Professionals, NY Chapter, New York, NY
  • “Using Your Skills to Transform Your Career!” Women’s Career Transition Workshop,  The Carlisle Collection, New York, NY
  • “Interpersonal Effectiveness,” Dale Carnegie Training Seminar for The Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY
  • Presentations Workshop: Yahoo! Toastmasters, New York, NY
  • “Courageous Communication and Persuasion,”  Society of Human Resources Management, HRNY/Women’s SIG, New York, NY
  • “Increase Your Network, Generate Business and Get Hired” Business Networking Workshop, Pace University (alumni), New York, NY
  • Strictly Business Immersion Seminar, 3 Day Dale Carnegie Course,  Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • “From Strangers to Allies in Just Three Minutes!”  Business Networking Workshop, NY, NY
  • “Pitching Yourself for Finding a Job” Workshop, Manhattan Board of Advisors, New York, NY
  • Public Speaking Mastery, Dale Carnegie NY Center of Excellence
  • “Art of Networking,” Guest Speaker,  Carole Hyatt Leadership Forum, New York, NY
  • Presentations Workshop: Federal Toastmasters, Mile Square Toastmasters, New York, NY
  • Motivational Workshop, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital’s NY Obesity Clinic
  • Private one-on-one coaching with clients in the fashion, luxury goods, media, real estate, technology, healthcare, government, executive search, education, human resources, design, not-for-profit, finance, mental health, and marketing industries.


City College of New York, New York, NY                                      Jan. 2018 – Present

Adjunct Professor

Designing and delivering custom professional development courses on topics such as, Effective Communication, Leadership and Presentation Skills for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Blessing White, a Division of GP Strategies, Hamilton, NJ     Oct. 2017 – Present

Certified Training Facilitator and Executive Coach

  • Career Conversations©
  • Your Career© (Certified Master Trainer)
  • The Engagement Equation©
  • Everyday Coaching Conversations (aka EC2)©

Vistage Worldwide, Inc, San Diego, CA                                           Aug. 2017 – Present

Professional Speaker

Executive Leadership and Development – Delivering “Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact Under Pressure,” to varied Peer Advisory Groups around the US.

Sayge, New York, NY                                                                                 Sept. 2017 – Present

Professional Development Coaching

Providing private, one-on-one coaching to mid-senior level managers across varied industries.

Dale Carnegie© Training, New York, NY                                    Mar. 2003 – Dec. 2016

Certified and Licensed Dale Carnegie© Training Instructor

  • The Advanced Dale Carnegie© Course (an 8 week program for leaders and graduates of the core Dale Carnegie© course)
  • Dale Carnegie© Course (8 week and 3 day programs focused on five developmental areas:  communication, self-confidence, leadership, people skills, managing stress)
  • High-Impact Presentations© (two-day seminar focused on public speaking and presenting)
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Training© (8 week and 3 day courses to train sellers on winning sales practices)
  • Coach Training Program (designed and delivered training to graduates of the Dale Carnegie Course to prepare them to coach future participants)
  • Dale Carnegie© Seminars:
    • Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie© Immersion Seminar
    • Achieving Success through Human Relations
    • Confident, Assertive, In-Charge:  Developing the Attitudes of Leadership
    • Creating an Executive Image
    • Employee Engagement
    • How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact
    • How to Deal with Difficult People and Resolve Conflict
    • How to Win Friends in Business
    • Managing Emotional Energy at Work
    • Public Speaking Mastery
    • Successful Public Speaking
    • Dale Carnegie© One-on-One Coaching

The NeuroLeadership Institute,   New York, NY                       Sept. 2011 – Present

Certified Coach of the Intensive Coach Training program in applied neuroscience, coaching leaders in self-awareness, managing emotions, decision-making, problem solving and helping maintain positive work environments using this brain-based methodology.

For more information, or to contact Jackie, please write to: jackie@pointmakercommunications.com

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