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Jackie Kellso is a trusted and valued training partner of IT By Design. I have hired Jackie for various developmental areas that address our needs as a rapidly growing company. Jackie always rises to the occasion, both coaching and training our employees to leverage and engage them to be more innovative, to think more critically, and to communicate more effectively, all with the goal of supporting and exceeding our internal goals and the expectations of our customers.

Sunny Kaila
President and Founder

Jackie came to our company to teach a two-hour professional networking class to a group of people with experience ranging from 1 year to 15+. She was dynamic, informative, engaging and every single person at the training had positive feedback. Everyone learned something new and did not want the class to end. We can’t wait to have Jackie back for more trainings at our company in the future!

Anna Khersonsky
Team Leader
Chandler Chicco Agency

I needed someone with moxy to deliver a speaking engagement for a company-wide retreat at the Christian Cultural Center, and boy did I get it!  Jackie Kellso was part of customizing the program from inception.  She was able to grasp what we were looking to accomplish and for a huge number of attendees — 1000 people!  Jackie had them eating out of the palm of her hands!  She ended with a standing ovation and hoots and hollas.  SHE WAS A ROCKSTAR!  It was great.

Tara Sharp
Corporate Sales Consultant

Dale Carnegie Training


Jackie Kellso of PointMaker Communications lead our team of talented DevaCurl Educators at the annual 2016 Curl Conference. Jackie’s brain-based coaching and communication techniques/expertise were greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly elevate our team to new curly heights. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Shari Harbinger
Vice-President of Education

Jackie Kellso is a stickler for details and deadlines. Her professional presentation skills, leadership expertise, and grasp of communication and HR management best practices have helped C4CM.com to deliver many successful business management webinars. Jackie is consistently rated very highly in our event evaluations, and her skills would be an asset to any company.

Vicki-lynn Brunskill
Audio Conference Producer
Center for Competitive Management


I invited Jackie Kellso to speak on the topic of assertiveness in communication for Microsoft SMSG Women, as part of our celebration of Women’s History Month.  Jackie’s workshop, entitled, “Speak Up and Be Heard” was powerful in that it gave us the communication tools to be able to manage challenges where confrontation is important, yet must be managed to create respectful working relationships.  Jackie’s high-energy and warmth made this a welcomed addition to our conference.

Laurie Carey
SMSG US Chapter Lead
Microsoft Corporation 


As a coach Jackie blends intelligence, intuition and flexibility. She helped me articulate my goals and with her guidance I learned skills and developed tools to accomplish them. Her respect for who I am and for my personal style of learning and working made it possible for me to dig deeper and persevere longer than I thought possible. Jackie was able to keep me moving through my process at times when I was ready to quit. Thanks to her focus and commitment I have been able to achieve the goals I set. Jackie has given me skills, which I continue to use both personally and professionally. I will always be grateful.

Monica Valenti
Myofascial Therapy & Wellness Consultant


Thanks, Jackie, for an energetic, spirited presentation.  You are a great motivator and pushed us to our limits.  We came away with several key tips for our future use, and immediately put them into action at our Open House.  Your techniques are spot-on and the three and a half hours went by in a snap!  Thanks again for working with us to move out of our comfort zone and become more effective presenters.

Jody Queen-Hubert
Executive Director, Career Services
Pace University


Jackie conducted a workshop on Effective Business Networking for members of the NY Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. It’s incredible what she accomplished and what we learned in just 90 minutes!  Many of us aren’t quite sure how to approach people we don’t know in networking situations and Jackie provided an excellent “road map” on how to do this. In addition to talking through the various steps with us, she gave us several opportunities to practice what we learned. A little daunting at first, but very effective in the end! Jackie’s presentation style is upbeat and entertaining. She was also very generous with her time and stayed well after the workshop ended to answer questions. I would love to have her conduct another workshop for our group.

Joy Cooper
VP Professional Advancement
Association of Fundraising Professionals, NY Chapter


I feel like Jackie Kellso’s workshops are designed for you to question what you think you know about public speaking, then learn how to do it the right way.

Christine Cantine
Chapter President
Federal Toastmasters


Working with Jackie Kellso is a real delight and pleasure. She has an incredible ability to reach out and understand where the heart and passion in others springs forth.  I am an artist and teacher born in Belgium and I work with artists to help them access their core. My ability to be clear and understood is vital to my work. Jackie has helped me communicate my passion for creative growth into a simple, well-structured format that gives me a new voice, power, ease and freedom when facing the public.  I have a confidence and assertiveness that I have never experienced before with any other coach. Her qualities of great respect, in-depth listening and compassion for others is helping me thrive in my ability to attract more clients. I feel a real gratitude for her service.

Roseline Koener, Painter and Growth Educator


As a Clinical Psychologist I’ve been doing workshops and presentations for many years. Preparing for them has always cost me weeks and sometimes months of misery. As I began preparing for a recent workshop, a friend told me about Jackie Kellso. It had never occurred to me that I could be helped with this and that I could expect to feel so differently in just four sessions! By asking the right questions and providing structure, Jackie was able to nail the areas in which I needed to focus.  She’s perceptive, smart, fast and organized.  The workshop for which she helped me prepare was successful and, most of all, fun.  I now have an approach to preparing for workshops and presentations that works.  And I’m looking forward to the next one.  I am very grateful for Jackie’s expertise and I recommend her to you without reservation.

Lynn Pearl, PhD


Jackie was incredibly helpful to me during a stressful time. I was gearing up to have a difficult discussion with a colleague and I was unsure as to how I would broach the topic; unsure of what the potential outcomes could be, and about how I would be affected by the communication. Jackie walked me through all of the potential possibilities, discussion points, outcomes, questions, etc. so that I would be better prepared for a natural and conflict-free resolution. She equipped me with all of the tools I would need. Because of Jackie’s coaching, the eventual conversation was indeed easier, comfortable and achieved the positive outcome I had wanted.

Susan Goldberg
Executive Search Consulting


I credit my work with Jackie Kellso as a major contributing factor to making my pending book publishing deal happen – the self-confidence and presentation skills she taught me made a huge difference in setting up my introduction and making the publisher interested in the book. My time working with Jackie is one of the major defining moments in my personal and professional development, and I am enormously grateful that our paths crossed.  I strongly suspect that her new clients will feel the same way!

Josh Kaufman
The Personal MBA


Jackie Kellso is the real thing. I walked into her workshop, along with 20 or 30 others wanting to hone leadership (communication) skills, and by the end of the first hour she had an accurate read on what each of us needed to do next. We spent the two-day program working hard. It was an intense and memorably upbeat boot camp, of sorts, for improved communications. Every last one of us left with new skills, powered-up conviction, and a tinge of regret that it couldn’t go on forever. I vividly remember my first impressions of Jackie and they haven’t changed. Her passion for her work is a powerful energy that inspires and motivates. Her belief in what she offers — a vast body of knowledge and a sophisticated skill set — commits her to each person who requests her assistance. And her own communications skills as a superlative mentor/teacher/coach serve as elegant models as we strive to learn and grow. It was a privilege to learn from Jackie. The skills she offers are precisely the skills each of us needs to achieve our own professional — and personal — goals and live the best life we can.

Rae Francouer
New Arts Collaborative
–Creative Marketing for Creative Enterprise


Jackie’s ability to point out skills that require refinement, and to provide guidance that will accelerate professional and personal growth is a gift. Her coaching on concise and assertive communication is the reason I made a huge career shift from the corporate world.  Her supportive nature has been invaluable to me during this shift and working with her makes the process of change exciting and uplifting due to her vast experience and knowledge. You feel immediate results after working with her for only a session.  I highly recommend her, she has been an asset to my growth in communication.

Lisa Nikfarjam
Lisa Nik, LLC


Communication skills, to state the obvious, are critical to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. Whether you’re trying to improve how effectively you communicate at work or in your personal life, whether you’re running the company or just beginning your career, how you get your point across and just as importantly how well you listen to others, will have a profound impact on others, on what you accomplish in your life and, ultimately, on your career.   Some time ago I realized after many years in the workforce that I needed a substantial tune up on my communication skills.  I was fortunate enough to find Jackie Kellso to coach me in this new endeavor and through a positive, persistent and supportive teaching style Jackie helped engineer a profound improvement in my abilities to communicate in my everyday life, in daily meetings and in companywide presentations.  Jackie is an exceptional, knowledgable and dedicated professional and I give her the highest recommendation possible.

Bob Mischel
Chief Operating and Financial Officer


Jackie Kellso has changed my life and the world around me. Her high standard of excellence and professionalism stretch you out of your comfort zone and make you want to better both your personal and professional life, and after a short time, you do both!!!! Jackie has such a humane way of supporting you, even when you feel you can’t go any further. I am amazed at how Jackie made me want to raise the bar and improve my communications and leadership skills. I am going to do everything in my power to work with her again. Jackie is one of the most amazing people I know and my only regret is I did not meet her sooner, when I first needed to jumpstart my life and career. SHE IS SIMPLY THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES!

Christopher Freudenreich
Assistant Vice-President
Deutsche Bank AG, NY


I am so proud to have had Jackie Kellso as my trainer that I cannot stop talking about it! Jackie gave me communication tools that I have been practicing, and they continue to impact my business and personal relationships in very positive ways.  Jackie’s energy and knowledge help people stay focused on their goals.  I am honored to have had Jackie as my trainer.

Annette Mussenden
Practice Administrator
Montefiore Hospital/Grand Concourse Women’s Health Center


Jackie has always been a powerful motivator and inspiration to me. I am confident that she makes a positive impact on all of her clients.

Mary Coates
Internal Communications Manager
Pitney Bowes


I have always been a very serious person in my professional life, and my focus on my work would often be misconstrued as coldness. I came to  understand that it is possible to take the enthusiasm you put into  your personal life and translate it into your professional life.

Jackie Kellso was instrumental in helping me come to this realization.  Like any other program that aids in self-awareness, self-assessment and self-improvement, you will only get out of it what you put into  it. I set aside my cynical nature and let down my guard.  And it was only when I allowed myself to step outside that comfort zone that I was truly able to step into a new and more positive version of myself. There is no one who can make you feel more comfortable being outside your comfort zone than Jackie.

Susan Dunphy
Senior Account Manager



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