Jackie Kellso

“Retrain Your Brain” Coaching

What do you mean by “Retrain Your Brain”?

It’s the ability to create new neural wiring that helps us get unstuck, break unconscious patterns, and stop reacting in ways that work against our goals. As an example, it might have worked to fight to protect yourself as a kid, but is now putting your job in danger because you yell at your coworkers when you’re frustrated.

We replace outdated habits, beliefs and thoughts, and replace them with clarity, objectivity and the ability to control our emotions. The method re-frames experiences so as to see things from evolved perspectives.  When this happens, we are able to manage old, ‘hard-wired’ thought patterns that hold us back.

Having a dream and a desire to reach one’s potential is a nice idea. Actually getting on the right path and having the vision and courage to pursue it is quite another.  We know that the mind is a hard beast to tame, especially given that 90% of the brain functions unconsciously! Without having any awareness, we are feeling, thinking, communicating, interacting and reacting in ways that are road-blocks to being who we’re meant to become.

There’s a saying:  neurons that fire together, wire together!  This means that the more we think something, feel something and react to that thing in the same way, the more they become part of the way we function.  This all happens on auto-pilot.

Why would I choose to retrain my brain?

The neuroscience behind this form of coaching proves to:

1. Facilitate improved thinking to gain clarity, inspiration and peace of mind

2. Generate clear goals and direction for moving one’s life forward — career, enterprise, relationships, health, creativity, etc…

3. Increase conscious choices that lead to new habits and ultimately, new neural wiring

4. Result in the new found joy of living a fully self-directed, inspired life

5. Recognize brain-chemistry signals in others and gain the ability to respond so as to produce more constructive interactions.

I am a certified coach of The NeuroLeadership Institute’s brain-based coaching methodology, and a student of David Rock, its Founder. For more information please visit: http://www.neuroleadership.com.

Feel free to contact me at jackie@pointmakercommunications.com to learn more about one-on-one coaching sessions with me.


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