Jackie Kellso

Your Brain Determines How You Communicate and Interact

We know if we’re being effective by the way others react to us. People like us when we have the ability to make them feel good.  Through coaching and training that updates our brain’s wiring, we give ourselves the cushion to consider what we’re saying and how we’re saying it; to understand the emotions involved in our interactions (that come from feeling stressed) and to give us the power to shift our communications and our ways of connecting with others.

Our brains are designed to protect us and it did a fabulous job before we had the verbal skills to use words carefully, to assuage vs. agitate others, to persuade and inspire, and to be mindful of our body language.  As adults, there’s really no excuse to not update the brain’s ability to support who we want to be today.

Please don’t blame yourself. The brain is designed to keep us safe. It will do what it must to manage whatever threat it perceives.  This can sometimes turn into a nightmare when we’re trying to manage conflict, or speak to an audience, or have a difficult conversation with a challenging person. I’m sure you’ve heard of the fight, flight, freeze reaction to stress.  (Being overly apologetic, by the way, is a fourth way we make ourselves safe.)

So, when we learn how to work with our brains we learn how to manage our fears, our emotions, overcome what we resist, and get into action with our goals in mind.

If you were a pistachio nut and your shell was closed, no one would know how delicious you are.  If you are living behind your shell because you’re too afraid to address the communication and interpersonal areas you need to develop, no one gets to know, respect and admire the real you.

What makes PointMaker Communications’ “Retrain Your Brain” coaching and training methods unique?

Jackie Kellso!  Jackie had a history of being aggressive and sometimes belligerent in the work place (back in her media sales career) until she was forced to wake up to the reality that she was jeopardizing her career, her work relationships and her potential.  That ah-ha moment came when she was nearly fired from her job at MTV Networks.  Thankfully, her boss sent her to Dale Carnegie Training to learn the philosophy of being a human relations champion and to learn how to present herself as a professional, with credibility.  This wasn’t automatic, however, and she had to practice what she had learned until it became her new way of coping with stress. By experiencing new jobs, bosses and corporate cultures, the dots connected and she integrated what she had learned — how to use mindfulness to forge new habits.  What was once such a hardship was gone and Jackie became the leader she most admired.  Then it was time to leave corporate life so that she could teach people how to take control of their path and change for the better.

Please check out Jackie’s bio and credentials, to learn more about her background.  She’s confidently well-equipped to help you. https://pointmakercommunications.wordpress.com/about-jackie-kellso/

What are the core competencies and focus of PointMaker Communications?

1. To understand the inner workings of your own mind. Improve thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.  The brain has enormous plasticity and through the application of neuroscience and “Retrain Your Brain” coaching, (https://pointmakercommunications.wordpress.com/retrain-your-brain/) professionals can begin to operate from a high level of objectivity and clarity.

2. To cultivate people skills.  At the same time we’re building skills for making delivery impact, we’re also helping you become oriented towards your audience, listeners, clients, associates — to others.  We’re not just focusing on the message, we’re focusing on you, the messenger.  The coaching improves the content, the delivery and the way you make connections.

You will strengthen your ability to make your point, sell your value and ideas to others, become conscious of sustaining positive body language and make your listeners feel important to you — all at once.

3. To access your uniqueness.  I will actually coach the light out of you, in a good way, that is!  With techniques designed to stretch your comfort zone, your core (uninhibited by old beliefs, fears and anxieties) will shine through and you will communicate in a newly authentic and confident way to the outside world. The results will be staggering.  I have helped people gain the confidence to quit their cushy jobs and start their own businesses; become powerful spokespeople for their companies in the media, add new dimensions to the way they express themselves.  Very powerful stuff.

4. To develop essential communication skills.  All of this wonderful interpersonal effectiveness and uniqueness doesn’t go anywhere without the actual formats and structures and thinking and organization that enable the flow of information.  (If you just wanted to become a great presenter, you’d need these skills in order to be clear, concise and make your point.)  If your ideal includes the freedom to express yourself authentically, connect with others and master techniques in communicating, our work together will help you propel yourself very far along your path.

What areas can I and/or my team expect to improve upon?

Public Speaking/Presenting:

*master control of energy, body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc…

*become an authentic, influential public speaker

*grow to deliver powerful pitches when selling ideas

*use dynamic techniques that keep audiences engaged when presenting

*deliver action-oriented media ‘soundbite’ messages

Mindful Communication and Leadership:

*speak-up assertively

*cultivate diplomacy and tact

*lead by persuading, motivating and inspiring

*manage change/engage employees

*resolve/manage conflict

*manage emotional reactions

*deal with difficult people

*gain trust and respect

*develop critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills

Personal Branding and Networking:

*become memorable and make qualified connections when networking

*develop a personal mission statement and unique value proposition

*build credibility through quick, strong elevator speech

*be the stand-out candidate on a job interview

What kind of programs do you offer?

*one-on-one coaching

*corporate training

*group/public workshops

*media training

*speech/presentation writing

*sharply positioned resumes and cover letters

Based on your needs, Jackie will develop and execute a customized plan.  The plan will include the facilitation of tools and techniques, formats and structures, and in-the-moment coaching and feedback.  These will be designed to ensure fast-tracked achievement of your goals. The amount of hours or sessions depends upon your budgetary guidelines and objectives.

PointMaker Communications, Inc. is a cutting edge, brain-focused professional and personal development service. Please feel free to contact Jackie Kellso at jackie@pointmakercommunications.com.


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